Use my contact form below to send a polite detailed message. This contact form is for REAL TIME sessions only. To apply for distance training visit here. 

The more information I have from you, the faster you’ll get a reply. Please be thoughtful. If you want my attention then do your homework and read my website first before applying for a session. Make sure you read My limits. When booking I suggest sending the deposit ASAP so I know you’re not another time waster.  I’ll respond up to 4 times before a deposit is mandatory to move forward with booking you. So don’t waste it on questions that are clearly answered on my website. Also please note I am NOT looking for videos sub.


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*I send a text before calling to make sure it’s a good time to talk*
Please double check this before submitting your request
*Please give me details on how to found me. This is very helpful!*
*Make sure they are compatible with mine.*
*List other Mistresses or adult providers you've seen before and their links if possible.*
This is NOT a professional video. It's me using my I phone and taking pix or snaps for my Only Fans site.

Now for the rules of my phone number.  If you can’t control yourself and inappropriately call, text outside of my hours (and time zone) listed I will block you. I am not your booty call.  I am not an escort.   I will not answer questions that are clearly written on my website. If you give me a bad vibe, are disrespectful, or ask inappropriate questions, then I will hang up and block you.  Do not share my phone number. If you are in a relationship and your partner doesn’t know about your kinky adventures, delete my messages/phone number off of your phone. I’m selective about who I play with. I want to enjoy myself in the scene. If I don’t feel compatible with you then there’s no point to see each other. Do not abuse this privilege. 937-701-7688 Contact hours are 10 am – 9pm Central standard time.

*Please note, my phone number does NOT work outside of the US. I can not call or text numbers international numbers. E-mail me instead*