I love when I get reviews and feedback from our time together! Feel free to e-mail them directly to me or send me a link to where you posted them online!

The word goddess does not describe what Domina Lynnette, she is much more than that, like many people probably reading this, it was my first time seeing a dom. I was nervous and she could tell but we sat down and talked things through before we started. Everything was very professional from when we were talking to when she was walking me out. During our session was the best, she could tell when it was too much but she pushed a little too much just the right amount, it’s hard to explain but if you see her you will understand. We did so many things and I found out new things that I did not even know that I liked before. She put me on my knees from the beginning and I wish I was still there. She is the best if you see her you will not regret it.

I have seen Domina Lynnette several times now and I have to say that each session just makes me want to see her more and more. After every session, I leave feeling that it couldn’t be topped, but each subsequent session is even better. I sit here writing this two weeks after our last session and I still can’t get her ethereal beauty, her easy wickedness, and her heady intoxicating scents out of my mind. I’ve learned to just submit myself to her every time, letting her decide what to do with me, ceding all control to her. This always makes for such mind-blowing sessions. She always remembers our previous encounters and always pushes the envelope further. I’m not even sure the envelope could be pushed further, but I’m sure Domina Lynnette show me next time if she deigns to have me again. I’m finding myself so blissfully submissive to her. If you are curious, Domina Lynnette will be the best guide to take you down the rabbit hole.

As a nervous newbie, it took me some time to summon up the courage to actually arrange a session, but the reviews of Domina Lynnette were so overwhelmingly positive that I felt if this was ever going to happen she was probably the one. That did not stop me from being scared out of my skin from the moment I first contacted her until I sent a deposit to book the session. After that my fear just increased; so much so that when she phoned to discuss the session I probably came across as a gibbering idiot. Though strangely, after hearing her voice, even just briefly, my fear dissipated substantially. That was until my travel arrangements to get to Chicago started falling apart. Having read her site rules, when it became clear I would not make it to the agreed time, it was fear of the possible repercussions that took over. However, she was very understanding and gracious and agreed to see me early the following morning. That night was a mix of excitement, fear, and disbelief – that I was actually going through with this.
I arrived early, not to risk being late and paced up and down the snowy street until I was called in. From the moment we met, her calm professionalism reassured me; though I was still nervous as hell. She really is one of the most beautiful women that I have ever met, but more than that there is something incredibly engaging about her personality that makes you want to please her. We had spoken that although this was an initiation session I kind of wanted to be thrown in at the deep end. Therefore despite my suggestions of what I thought I wanted in the initial email, she really took a free hand to do with me as she wished. Having read a lot about sessions before, it surprised me that we did not discuss safe words etc – I guess apart from when gagged, I could have made it perfectly clear if she was going too far – but that was a complete non-issue for two reasons. Firstly because of the persona with which she controls the session I felt not only compelled to instantly obey any command without thought or hesitation, but I also wanted to please her and therefore wanted to accept whatever she threw at me. More importantly, however, I believe that she is very skilled at judging what a sub can take and that, combined with this being the first session, she did not push beyond obvious limits – although being pierced when blindfolded was intense – deliciously intense. She had me eating out of her hand, humiliating myself before her, accepting all things she did to me to put me in my place and enduring all the punishments she leveled at me. Although many body parts were sensitive at the end of 90 minutes I wished that this would go on and on. At the beginning, I did not know if this experience would scare me off these fantasies for life, but by the end, I was wishing I lived in Chicago and could submit to her whenever she would have me. I have no doubts that I will be back and now have the confidence to know that I would always give her the free hand to do to me whatever she chooses.

Domina Lynnette possesses an appropriately balanced duality of sadism and compassion.  She was playful but caring, professional, and rational. However long it was, it felt as relaxing and therapeutic as a week’s vacation.

I have seen Domina Lynnette for two years now and I never run out of superlatives in describing our sessions together.  She ALWAYS exceeds expectations being just the right amounts of fun and fiendishness and psychologist and wild.  She is simply awesome and totally unpredictable!!
I recently flew from LA to NYC just to be in her presence for a few hours.  It was one of the best decisions I have ever made!!  Just an incredible evening!  She has the ability to push your boundaries, yet she respects your limits.  You’ll find yourself doing things that you would not ordinarily do, just to please her.  She has that much power.  That much control.  And it’s AWESOME!!!!
It’s been one week since our night in NYC and it’s still all I think about.  The bruises on my body are starting to fade but and my nipples are still sensitive to the touch–and I love it!!! So my memories of the perfect night in NYC with my master.

That was truly amazing! Domina Lynnette fulfilled, & exceeded a good number of fantasies I’d been carrying around. She is smart, funny, and really pleasant to meet, not to mention beautiful, especially her awesome, smiling eyes.
Blown away. Thank you Goddess.

I have now met Domina Lynnette a few times. It always feels like Christmas when I have the honor of sessioning with her. I am from out of town and do travel to Chicago from time to time. I always make sure to go out of my way to meet Lynn each and every times.
Stating that she’s the next best thing after sliced bread is an UNDERSTATEMENT…
Her sessions are methodically planned. I encourage anyone wishing to meet her to provide as many details as you can, so she can have an array of options to flip you out… I would not be surprised if she could walk over the Chicago River barefooted… yes, her sessions are that good!
I rank Domina Lynnette sessions as amongst the top 5 best sessions I have ever experienced in my life. …as you’ve suspected, I have been sessioning (if this is a word) often in my “career”…probably in excess of 500 times. I am still having butterflies when thinking of our sessions together. …this is what it comes down to; Seeing Mistress Lynn, to me, is BETTER THAN A WEEK VACATIONS IN THE CARIBBEANS !!!! #Really #NotKidding #AlwaysFeelRejuvenated.
When you’re having flashbacks from past sessions with Domina Lynnette, while playing with your regular partner, you know that you have experienced something special….  She is very special… No, she’s AWESOME!!!
She’s a kind, talented, Intelligent and unique human being with a big heart… but with evident sadistic tendencies. This makes her the ultimate Domme package you’ll ever encounter.
Bonus: She is drop dead gorgeous. You might be intimidated by her glowing beauty. Don’t be afraid, jump on her bandwagon … she’ll make you comfortable (or uncomfortable 🙂 ) in zip!
I would not have ever written this if I hadn’t meant every single word. #Truth
Can’t wait to see her again soon!
– Tin Tin

I wanted to thank you again for an incredible session! I have been playing for 12 years, but the first time I see a new dominatrix is always a bit intimidating and anxiety provoking. You immediately put me at ease before gently transitioning to rocking my world!
My experience is that in a first session it is difficult to find the right intensity to push me, but you effortlessly found my limits and kept me right on the razor’s edge throughout our time together. I was surprised how easy you made me push beyond my limits and I absolutely loved how you asked and encouraged me to “take it for you!”  You have an amazing intuition to be gentle when needed and rough when wanted.
I also have to compliment you on the tease and denial that you were able to effectively weave throughout our session. It kept the sexual tension amazingly high and enabled me to take more pain than I anticipated. You are a stunningly beautiful woman and you have an unparalleled talent to wield your beauty as a weapon on your subs. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to worship at Your feet!
I felt completely submitted and completely at peace. I was able to surrender to your relentless pounding while I pulled against my restraints and was mesmerized by your toes peeking out of your boots as my only sight of you. You found the right intensity and pace and pushed my duration longer than I thought possible. Several times I was almost ready to call out yellow and you somehow sensed it and either asked me if I was going to take it for you/ be your slut/bitch/whore(which enabled me to push on) or you slightly decreased the intensity so I didn’t give up. All as I watched the hypnotic rocking of your amazing feet and ankles!
The leg/boot/ass worship was almost too intense!  I worried I might spontaneously release! Your ass could change the course of history. Allowing me to worship was such a privilege!
The nipple torture was the most intense I have ever experienced. It was so hotly painful how you used your beautiful toes to inflict such torment and then booted back up to grind your stilettos into my sensitive nipples. The stimulation seemed to go straight to my cock, which was in for its own troubles.
And oh my god(goddess) the CBT! The ferocity with which you attacked my cock and balls was perfect! Not too hard, not too soft, just perfect!  Kicking and stomping my cock and balls to a throbbing erection, then allowing me to bring myself to the edge for what seemed like an hour.  You spoke the hottest words I’ve ever heard “I want you to feel pain when you come.”Then the most incredible icing on the cake, kicking me into a mind-blowing full body trembling release. Thank you thank you thank you!!!
I cannot wait to see you again!

Thank you, Mistress, for an amazing introduction to your world which you undoubtedly have full control of.  Literally, I could not have even imagined a better first time. Our session was nothing I could have imagined; you guided me every step of the way and I hope many other newbies have you to introduce them to this amazing world.  Thank you for reading my expression and gently pushing me to experience more pain which is what made the session unforgettable.  I can’t wait to see you again.

This was my first time meeting with a Mistress, and I couldn’t have had a better experience than I did with Mistress Lynnette. Before meeting her I was beyond terrified since this was going to be my first experience. She went out of her way to make me feel comfortable in every way possible. When I did get there and talked to her for 5 minutes I immediately knew that I had found the right mistress for me. The whole session was amazing, the only thing I wish was that it didn’t have to end. I can’t wait to have another session with her as it is impossible not to like her and want to serve her.

Every review I have read about Goddess Lynnette has mentioned how gorgeous she is, so that’s obviously clear and yes I concur as well. She truly is stunning.
Sometimes when a goddess is beautiful they do not put as much effort into the actual session with them, and let me tell you this is definitely not the case with Goddess Lynnette. I had all these ideas of what I wanted out of the session and I was scared that it may be too many things and she may just move on to another slave. In short, it had to do with a foot fetish and verbal humiliation with role play. She was so good at it that it didn’t even feel like role play, it felt like she was just being her dominant self. Let me tell you she truly does have very dominant and demanding personality. She enjoys what she does, which is huge because it truly motivates you to want to serve her. I look forward to seeing her again.

6/25/17 *From Mistress Destiny Forum*
I happened to know about her while searching through the BDSM scene in LA, while she’s based in Chicago, she was paying LA a visit, for my great luck. Needless to point out how amazingly beautiful she actually is, I went through her Instagram account and followed her on twitter and boy what a character she has, she doesn’t strike you as a typical mistress but rather as an intelligent and fun person to talk to and make friends with.  So it was a no-brainer that I knew I should book a session with her, and here’s how it went:
First, I submitted a form, she doesn’t mention her tribute, she just says that she’s worth it, which is honestly an understatement.
When I made it to the door, I knocked on it, my heart beating like crazy, I could hear the sound of her heels as she was approaching the door and my heart beat was going faster and faster. And then, she opened the door and I looked into her big pretty dazzling, mind-boggling, hypnotizing eyes (In the reviews on her site everyone kept talking about her eyes but I didn’t know what I was getting myself into)
I was nervous, believe me, her angelic beauty will make you nervous, regardless of how experienced you are, you will be surprised at how gorgeous she actually is. I told her, I didn’t know God was this good, her face is like nothing you can ever see, absolute knockout, MUCH better than what you’ll see in the pictures
We had a very small chat and then the session started, as a gentleman, I won’t go into details but I can say this:
– She is really well-experienced, she knows how to push you to your limits even when you don’t know them.
– I took more pain than I expected I could, why? Because I kept at staring at her eyes, and she was giving me a piercing look, doesn’t even blink, with a sadistic smile, she can control you, she told me to do things I was planning not to do and I did them without hesitation, her eyes will hypnotize you. For that face and eyes and that sadistic and cute laugh, I’ll happily be burned in hell.
– She enjoys it so much, seeing me squirming in pain, having me begging her to stop, she would only stop when she knows I really can’t take it anymore.
– I can’t really understand how she knows, I guess her experience does that.
– Her laugh was unreal as she was digging her heels into my chest.
– She respects you, never ever have I seen anyone as professional as she is.
– Don’t get fooled by her angelic face, she does look like she’s the sweetest angel created, but I can assure you she will make you beg for mercy, no matter how much you can stand, she will push you.
– If you session with her, you’ll want more, not just more pain, but more conversations with her.
I really enjoyed my time with Domina Lynnette, I can’t find words that can do her any justice except that you guys who live in Chicago are too lucky to have her around, for her angelic face and dazzling eyes I would do the impossible and pay everything I have.
I was literally laughing while staring at her eyes, I couldn’t stop saying that she can’t be a real person like the rest of us, she is so pretty, my God, the beauty that you can write a poet of a thousand versus just describing and you wouldn’t do her justice.

I just had my seventh session with Domina Lynnette and it was as exciting and memorable as the prior six.  Often times when you build up expectations waiting for an event to happen there is a let down because the actual event does not meet the build-up that you created in your mind.  That is NEVER the case with Domina Lynnette.
Each time I’ve sessioned with her there has been a uniqueness to our meeting.  She is so creative and is able to sense the direction the session should go from the moment you walk in.  She may be stern or playful or teasing or some combination.  Whatever she chooses for the theme of the session, make no mistake, she is prepared, dressed like a fetish model and is very definitely IN CHARGE!  And it’s awesome!!
Guys, she is more beautiful then her photographs (which are REALLY nice), she is creative, artistic, confident (which is incredibly sexy) and thoughtful.  She will push you to your limits but respect your boundaries.
I just think she is very special and if you are fortunate enough to serve her, you must jump at that opportunity.
You will not be disappointed and, like me, you’ll be hooked!!!

I can’t thank my Mistress enough! It’s hard to describe how much I’ve enjoyed our sessions together. Everything was absolutely perfect in the way she recreated my live fetish fantasies. She made them come true, and it could not have been any better. I remained in a dreamy state many hours after. I can’t wait to session again.

I have seen Domina Lynnette at least half a dozen times over the last 3 years.  I was lucky in that I chanced upon her when I was first curious about seeing a Dom; she opened my eyes to a whole new world, a world that I’ve been delving further and further into with her help.  She is gentle when she needs to be and can be wicked when she wants as well, but always beautiful and professional.  She is well versed in the different fetishes and always seems to be able to read what I’m up for and what is too extreme for me.  She can definitely nurture a newbie but can also push someone well experienced as well.  Each session with her is beautifully unique (we never just do the same things) and she seems just as interested in exploring as me.  She genuinely cares that I leave with a smile on my face, and after each session, I know that I’ll be dreaming and feeling it for weeks.
-slave h

3/22/17 *review from TER*
Setup and verification were a breeze via email. Domina Lynnette was professional and courteous throughout this process.  From her website, I knew she was lovely, but I was still floored when I first walked into her private Chicago dungeon.  She’s stunning. Needless to say, I hope to repeat. I was scared witless when I walked in, and she could tell.  And I think it really amused her.  Which made me a little more frightened.  I’ve sessioned with doms before, but not with anyone this exquisitely beautiful.  When I saw her website, I thought maybe she was just photogenic, that she knew modeling and how to tilt her head just so — nope, she’s a stunner in person too.  In fact, at times, I think she used modeling skills during the session — she didn’t pose, exactly, but there were times when I felt like she was doing that just-so head tilt, just to get a rise out of me.  She might be the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen.  Period.  In or out of the hobby.  Clear blue intelligent eyes, arched brows, raven hair, ruby lips…wait, that’s an Eagles song.  The most beautiful light skin, perfect full lips, and just the most wonderful devilish smile.  So I was intimidated by her beauty, sure.  But there’s something else about her that’s deliciously frightening.  I can’t quite put my finger on it.  There’s an element of menace to her.  She seems genuinely dangerous, to me, at least from her photos, and from her demeanor when talking to her on the phone, or listening to her videos.  She seemed icy to me, maybe; but that’s before I met her.  When I walked in and she saw how terrified I was, she lightened up, and she was just warm and inviting enough to allow me to calm down, without letting go of that edge entirely.  Here’s the thing about Domina Lynnette:  This woman is an expert at this.  She can take you right up to your limit, whatever that limit is, and stop, without going over that limit and, say, doing real damage.  She’s someone you could put your trust in.  If you want an icy vicious dominatrix, she can do that; and if you can’t handle that, she can lighten things up.  And she could tell that I’m not in great shape, and a little old, and that I don’t have a very high pain tolerance, so she adjusted things accordingly, seamlessly, so that what seemed to her to be a pretty mild session, I assume, was for me, just about all that I could take, and one of the most intense experiences I’ve ever had.  Before the session, she’d asked me about my likes and dislikes, and the session was tailored to them.  Throughout the session, she’d make jokes, and she’d occasionally laugh — this rich wondrous vicious laugh, maybe the sexiest laugh I’ve ever heard.  I really think she honestly enjoyed torturing me.  The whole time, I was trembling from the intensity and variety of the stimulation, some pleasure, some pain.  It was just about more than I could take.  I’m not sure if she realized this, but at one point I was actually crying.  And afterward, she was so courteous and kind.  It’s interesting to me, how I seem to meet the nicest, sweetest people, involved in the BDSM side of this world.

I’ve seen Domina Lynnette twice now, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. First of all, Mistress Lynn is an absolute knockout. It’s very clear that she could be a model if she chose to, and her various pics and videos more than back up that assertion. She will remain clothed throughout your session. Mistress is very clear about what she does and does not do. After an initial phone call to voice-verify, she was willing to discuss details via email, which I appreciated.
From the personal angle, she completely understands not only my fetishes and kink interests but my psyche as well. Beyond that, it’s very clear that she takes great pleasure in what she does. It’s rare to say with sincerity that somebody knows what I want better than I do, but in her case it’s true. After both of our sessions, I left happy, pleased, and feeling like I had gotten exactly what I expected out of the session. Run, don’t walk, and book a session with Mistress Lynn Pops.

3/1/17 *review from Maxfisch*
I was searching for Doms in the Chicago area and chose Domina Lynnette based on her reviews and her website. It seemed like we were compatible. I was excitedly nervous when I drove to her dungeon. When she opened the door, my eyes popped out of my head! She was a stunning visual creature. It is a cliché to say that the pictures do not do her justice but…the pictures do not do her justice!!! My God! She was wearing a black bra, showing major cleavage, matching panties, fishnets and a cape or a shawl to go over it. Mistress Lynn did everything I requested and more! Most Mistress will neglect to do what you like and go their own way or do a certain act for a couple of minutes and then move on, not Mistress Lynn!

I expressed a desire of the Mistress for ball busting, humiliation, golden showers/cocktails, masturbation instructions and forced cum eating, among other things. Domina Lynnette provided a service second to none. I have requested ball busting before but every Mistress did it half-assed. Not Mistress Lynn!! She started from the get-go and didn’t let up for the full 2 hours. She stomped on me, kicked me, whipped me, flogged me and squeezed my balls so hard that I was squirming on the floor. She did some great humiliation and has a very sexy, very cruel laugh. She teased me and tantalized me and showed off her body nicely. And what a body she has! Very curvy with superb breasts and great legs. I did plenty of foot and heel worship. One other thing I asked for was for her to use me as her spittoon. I have asked other Mistresses for this including one I saw maybe 4 or 5 times. They will spit once every 10 minutes or so. Not Mistress Lynn! She knew I desired it and didn’t stop!! I loved her for that!! It was a fantastic experience with Mistress Lynn. I will see Her again!!!  When I walked out of there, my legs were weak! I’m in love with Mistress Lynn and will consider myself Hers until the end of time.

I am writing this review after my first session with Domina Lynnette, having taken place recently in Chicago.
Having seen her presence online for quite some time, I finally built up the courage to contact her in regards to a session.   I had ball busting on my mind, and she eagerly responded that loved ball busting and had availability the very next day.  I jumped at the opportunity, and the remainder of our pre-session communication was straight forward and easy.  She responds often and quickly.  Her location is discreet and I found plenty of parking just a stone’s throw away.
I am not going to lie, I was nervous as hell.  She looks intimidating beautiful in all of her pictures.  Following her instructions, what answered the door was someone even more beautiful than I had imagined but her personality instantly put me at ease.  She was welcoming and receptive and dressed the part.  Incredible presence, stunning, hypnotizing eyes.  She was wearing all black (my fav), Bra, corset, pantyhose, sky-high heels.   Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, the session.
I have had countless ball busting sessions with mistresses coast to coast.  What I experienced with Domina Lynnette two days ago was the best I have ever had.  We discussed prior experience, pain level, the usual about safe words, and then she just let it rip.  I was staring at her legs, these beautifully shaped legs, as they demolished me.  Her giggle is infectious.  Countless times I wanted to cover myself or beg for a moment of relief, but her energy made me keep exposing myself to more impacts.  There’s always been some slight issue with a ball bust session, like the energy not being consistent, or not being able to aim, etc.  NOT this time.  She knows how to turn it on, she knows how to keep the energy high, she knows how to bust balls.  OMG she knows what she is doing.   Often, I’m not impacted hard enough to even feel it up in my stomach, my session with Mistress Lynn Pops had me nauseous many times, which as you know is quality ball busting.  Her reactions to mine were amazing; the teasing, the laughing, the humiliation.  Commanding me to spread my legs for more, forcing them open herself, kneeling on my legs as I laid on the floor and punching me full force in the balls.  Kicking, kneeing, punching, slapping, stomping, flogging.  She was skillful at everything.  I had an absolutely amazing time with her and wanted to turn right around as soon as I walked out the door to put my balls right back on the line again.
I hope to have the honor to be a repeat customer.
-Rusty Frog

I recently had a session with Domina Lynnette when she was in LA and she just seems to get more and more beautiful and more and more fun to be with.  Guys I won’t get into all of the details but she is really awesome and if you have the opportunity to schedule a session with her–do it.  She is really the best domina around in terms of looks, personality, creativity, fun and overall attitude.  I’ve been in the “scene” for ten years and Lynn Pops is by far the best domina I have had the pleasure to serve.  She is a treasure!!!!!

I called Mistress Lynnette sort of last-minute, and she agreed to schedule a session with me. In order to do so, I was required to make a deposit by sending her an Amazon gift card, no big deal.  When I arrived at the location, she had me wait for a few minutes while she finished getting ready. When she was ready she called me in, and she looked great. If you look at her pictures as a fetish model, well that is exactly what you will get during the session. I had requested a “BDSM sampler,” if you will, so she told me to go to the bathroom and get ready. When I was ready we went through a few setups that were there. Basically, I was restrained in a few different ways while she proceeded to humiliate and dominate me. I should mention that she seems like a very experienced dominatrix and was great at setting the tone with her demeanor and with her actions. Although I had asked for a mostly sensual session, she did introduce some pain aspect into it with nipple clamps. It was kind of jarring but nothing too bad. She played with my ass pretty roughly, and I definitely felt it the next morning 🙂  Overall this session was great, and once again I’d say that a session with her is worth the money. Try not to discuss explicit details with her in writing.

This was my third session with Mistress Lynnette.  I have to tell you guys that each session gets better and better.  The session really starts when you first schedule the appointment and the mutual expectations are established through the back and forth e-mails.  Then when you arrive on the day of your session and knock on the door–you hear the sound of stilettos walking across the hard wood floor to answer the door.  Instant turn-on.  The door opens and behind the door is a truly beautiful woman.  Don’t care what anybody says, a beautiful woman calls all the shots.  And Mistress Lynn is really a beautiful woman.  Her photos do not do her justice!!  On top of that she is fun, personable, just the right amount of bitch and the perfect amount of domina.  It took me a week to recover from my last session but I can’t wait for her to come back again to LA.  If you want the perfect session with a beautiful woman, Mistress Lynn is your person.  Chicago–you suck for taking away the best domina that LA ever had!!!!

I found Domina Lynnette website while looking for Doms in the Chicago land area. She has many BDSM services available. Communication was done mostly by email and limited texting. Mistress has a cell number listed on her website but she clearly states not to abuse this privilege. I booked a session with Goddess Lynn Pops and she was wonderful in every aspect of our BDSM session. Domina Lynnette is a true professional, loves her Femdom lifestyle, and is a joy to session with. I feel I can learn a lot about myself and BDSM fetishes with her knowledge and guidance. I recommend setting up a session with Mistress Lynn Pops.

Thank you for the amazing time! I was not able to fully express what I was feeling after the session.You are a goddess;  I had feelings and emotions that I didn’t know were possible. I consider our time together, my first true experience! I loved every minute, although it was pretty scary at times!You are beautiful and creative and really pushed the boundaries for me. Thank you for the memories I will never forget!


Beauty not admired is a sin…
I would rather call Lynnette Princess instead of Mistress when it comes to her beauty. Her voice adds to her beauty…
When it comes to playing, she can be your greatest dream or your worst nightmare…
Caution: in the end, you will be left very thirsty for Lynn and wanting more.
I drove 100 miles after the session.  The first thing I did after reaching home was request her for a cam show.

Thanks a lot for the amazing session. Your reputation is well deserved and I had a lot of fun. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my entire life and it was an honor to serve you. The session was incredible and I thank you for being so understanding of what I wanted and how I wanted. I am really looking forward to see you again in the near future.
-slave R

Yesterday I had a session with Domina Lynnette, my first ever session with a Mistress, and it could not have been more perfect. Mistress Lynn is not only incredibly beautiful but very experienced and professional as well. Being my first time, I was very tentative and nervous throughout my session, but Mistress Lynn was incredibly understanding and welcoming, she helped me open up in ways I would not normally have. She is also very good at reading the atmosphere of the situation, I could tell she was always paying attention to the way I was reacting to the things she was doing and tailoring the session to match that; Several times during the session she seemed to know what I wanted even more that I did. By the end of the session I was in absolute bliss, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect session with such a beautiful goddess. Don’t hesitate, Mistress Lynn is absolutely amazing and you will not regret it.

Thank you for a FANTASTIC session today. It was amazing, I’ve enjoyed every second of it. You are stunning and really was a privilege to be in your presence.

This is the second review I have ever written for anything and, coincidentally, it’s the second review I have written after having a session with Domina Lynnette.  She is just a lot of fun.  Her attitude is awesome, she is truly a creative pervert and seems to have a definite plan in mind before you even walk in the door, she is super athletic and had me literally sweating trying to keep up with her and her commands.  The ultimate Type A woman!!  However, the one thing that really struck me after the last session was the amount of time she must have taken getting ready for our session.  Her appearance was flawless.  Her hair and make-up were perfect.  She could be a Vogue cover girl!  The skin-tight latex bodysuit complimented her shapely body.  It can’t be easy or quick getting into that outfit yet it fit perfectly.  As attractive as she looks on her website, she FAR exceeds in person.  Men, don’t walk, RUN to see her!  She will exceed your expectations.  Mistress Lynn thanks!!  —-MARK

I recently did a messy humiliation session with Domina Lynnette at Dungeon East in LA, and I have to say that she surpassed my expectations in every way from beginning to end.  I originally chose to do a session with her after reviewing her pictures and her site because 1. She’s absolutely beautiful (an obvious observation if you have seen her photos, which she keeps updated regularly), 2. She specifically mentions that she enjoys wet and messy/pie throwing humiliation sessions, and 3. I could tell by reading her site that she is a fun and down to Earth person who truly loves what she does.  I had done other sessions before contacting Domina Lynnette, but I would still definitely consider myself a beginner.  I was still kind of nervous before the session and everything, but Mistress Lynnette’s professional and easygoing demeanor helped to melt away any apprehension or nervousness before the session.  She is a very chill person and very easy to talk to, which is a huge plus when you are talking to her about fantasies that you probably would not discuss with many other people if any.
After the initial session discussions, I arrived at Dungeon East, which is a fantastic, clean space for any kind of play.  When Domina Lynnette greeted me at the door with a mischievous smile on her face, I saw that her pictures were not only accurate and up to date, but they did not do her justice.  If Katie Perry had a gorgeous, bad girl sister with awesome tattoos, who could also probably kick your ass, then she would look like Mistress Lynn.  After we discussed the session a little bit and set everything up, she wasted no time dishing out humiliation.  I won’t get into the details of the session because a simple review write-up would not be able to convey how awesome her session are, and you really need to session with her yourself to see.  I can say that she is not just a sexy model who follows a script and goes through the motions.  She is very creative and very skilled at observing your reactions to and controlling the flow of the session.  I don’t think I have ever done a session with or seen another dominatrix who enjoys her work as much as Mistress Lynn does, not by a long shot.  She was having so much fun during the session and has such a magnetic personality that I could not help but laugh along with her at certain points in the session.  Because it was my first session with Domina Lynnette, and I did not have much experience doing sessions, I did not entirely know what to expect.  But I have to say that after the session with her, she certainly exceeding my highest expectations.  Not only is she beautiful and fun during the sessions, but she is also very imaginative.  With creativity like hers, I am confident that future sessions will continue to be as fun and enjoyable as the first.
If you are in Chicago, or she is traveling to your area of the world, you should definitely book a session with Domina Lynnette.  She is one of the most professional and skilled dommes in the business.  I would also highly recommend her for any beginner or first time sessions because she is so easy to work with and talk to.  I guarantee you will not be disappointed with a session with her.

I’ve been involved in the BDSM scene on and off for some time here in Chicago, but I always felt something was missing. I wasn’t sure what it was but I finally figured out what was lacking when I booked a session with Domina Lynnette . Other than her beautiful face, amazing body, and her sadistically seductive eyes it was her dialogue and the way she plays the part perfectly that really made it an amazing experience. With my previous experience, it was either with a beautiful Mistress that lacked experience or with a highly experienced Mistress that lacked the looks. Domina Lynnette has the looks and the experience. She is just amazing.
I highly recommend buying some of her clips before you book a session with her. I bought a couple of clips a few days before our session and the buildup of anticipation just made the whole experience amazing. She is definitely a great addition to the Chicago BDSM scene. I can’t wait to see her again.
-Jason the heel slut

I have never left a review for anything before.  Not even for great restaurants or events that I’ve attended.  However, my experience with Domina Lynnette was so fun and so positive that I felt compelled to describe the session and compliment Domina Lynnette for how she conducts those sessions.
First, let me say that I’ve been involved in the “scene” for about ten years and I’ve served many beautiful mistresses.  None compare with Mistress Lynnette!  Not only is she strikingly beautiful, she has an electric smile that brightens the room, an imposing physically fit athletic body that is slightly intimidating and awesome boobs that are quite impressive.  Just perfect!  And that’s not even the best part of her.  She is a genuinely fun, pleasant and energetic person.  She sets a great mood for the entire experience.
When I arrived to the session she was wearing latex pants and a latex bustier with awesome patent leather stilettos.  Again perfect.
Not having had a session with her before, I was a bit guarded and was ready to be disappointed given the big build-up I had created in my own mind.  Needless to say, she exceeded all expectations.  Our time together flew by and there was never a lag in the action.  She is super prepared and has thought out what she intends to do in the session.
I won’t get into the specifics of the session but it involved role play with my tie and belt as a couple of the props.  It was totally fun which is what this is supposed to be all about.
I can’t say enough good things about Domina Lynnette.  Can’t wait until she returns to LA.  I may just have to go to Chicago first!!

I’m a newbie, plain and simple.  I’ve watched videos and fantasized about meeting a Mistress in person for some time.  A recent visit to Chicago and a free evening was all I needed to go online and look for someone to turn this fantasy to reality.  I did my homework and read numerous websites to understand more about who I was going to meet, I knew that I would be nervous and I wanted someone that I thought would push my limits and respect boundaries.
When I read the website for Domina Lynnette and looked no further, it would be a meeting with her or no one.  Communication was great once we made contact, I arrived at the appointed time ‘on the dot’ as is listed on her web page.  Following a brief introduction and discussion regarding play time she moved into the play area and I followed a couple of minutes later.  There was no doubt who was in control of our time together.  She led me on a journey and brought me along teasing me throughout.  Various positions with restraints and direction for what I should do next.  Without getting into all the details, she brought me under her control and teased me to no end.  She is absolutely beautiful and I look forward with great anticipation to any reason to return to Chicago to possibly meet up with her again.

A chance random web search over the weekend showed me that Domina Lynnette was going to be in Dublin at the same time as me.  Once I had seen her pictures, I was smitten and knew I had to make every effort to meet her in person.  We exchanged a few emails over the next few days and I was able to meet up with her in her hotel.  I had little previous experience of submission but, without even sending a detailed email of my desires or fantasies, Domina Lynnette seemed to know exactly what would push my buttons.  She looked drop-dead gorgeous as she answered the door in black leather corset, latex leggings and knee-high leather boots.  I could have dropped at her feet immediately and, indeed, she wasted little time in getting me in that position. I won’t go into the details of our session – a gentleman doesn’t tell – but she couldn’t have given me a better time if I’d sent a complete script to act out.  Her beauty and natural dominance soon had me under her spell and my limits were sorely tested but never exceeded.  I hope that she’ll visit Europe again soon and I will have further opportunities to serve her in person. I can recommend the experience of serving Mistress Lynn to anyone, novice or experienced, I’m sure the only disappointment you’ll experience is when the time with her comes to an end and you have to pick yourself off the floor and leave her presence.

10/7/15 (E-mail from a happy client)
Just a quick mail to say thank you for an amazing session yesterday. It was so much better than I could have ever expected it to be. In the beginning I was really nervous and didn’t say much but I hope the smile on my face was enough to let you know how elated I was. I loved your creativity during our session with the gifts I got you (I don’t think I will ever be able to eat those chocolates again without thinking of you).  Its very true what your fans say, you are so much better looking in person and really do have sadistic smile and look in your eyes when playing witch is absolutely breathtaking (Highlight of the session for me combined with your suspense and attractive accent ).I’m still buzzing from our session and can’t wait for the next one. You are most certainly my new addiction!

After years of being interested in BDSM, I finally decided, on a whim, to book my very first session with a pro last week. A few hours of research later, and I’d decided on Mistress Lynn, and if I’m being perfectly honest, since I didn’t really know what to look for, I’d based my decision solely on who I found the most physically attractive (with all due respect to the other dommes I read up on, Mistress Lynn won by a landslide). After e-mailing her my information, she responded promptly and called me within a few hours to iron out details regarding scheduling, payment and the like. She was extremely professional, but even better, fostered an incredibly fun atmosphere from the moment I met her. While I knew how attractive she was from her photos, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t melt a little the first time I saw her in person. She can do so much with just her eyes; to call them hypnotic would be woefully inadequate. Simply put, I could’ve spent hours gazing into them if they weren’t as intimidating as they are gorgeous. Everything about my session with Mistress Lynn was phenomenal, down to the music that she picked. She took every one of my interests and crafted an experience that even I never knew I’d always wanted, and if I’m sure of anything, it’s that going to her for my very first session was the best decision I could’ve made. At this point, my only concern is for my funds, as I suspect time with Mistress Lynn Pops could wind up being dangerously addictive…

3/2/15  (E-mail from a happy client)
Just a quick note to thank you for a wonderful session. It was perfect and a nice job of following the scenario I had sent. In the heat of the session, and after, I forgot to give you enough compliments. You were beautiful and looked fantastic in your leather. As I had hoped, you were very sensuously sadistic. With you smiling while administering painful tortures it is very evident that you were really enjoying it.
I have probably had sessions with 30 – 40 mistresses and this was definitely one of the best sessions. I hope you had fun too!!!  Be sure and let me know when you are coming back to town!!!
Marc (The Glove and Boot lover)
P.S. – You will be happy to know that even though the welts on my ass have vanished my balls are still sore and my nipples still show plenty of evidence of the abuse (raw and sensitive).

Posted 1/9/14 
I’m in my fifties and have played with pro-dommes for all or part of four decades. During that span, I’ve met and sessioned with many different mistresses. While I’m grateful to all of these dominant partners for the fun we’ve shared and their contribution to my kink, two in particular stand far above the rest.
The first is my former mistress from the east coast who I visited frequently and faithfully for over ten years. Due to changes in her life circumstances, she abruptly retired a couple years ago. I was deeply disappointed by the loss of such an extraordinary partner. Convinced that I would could never again find a Mistress so beautiful, creative and skilled in her art, I too “retired” from active play.
Then, a few months ago, I “discovered” Domina Lynnette . Moved by her beauty and intrigued by the apparent compatibility of our interests, I booked a session during a recent visit to LA. Despite high expectations, my time w/ Mistress Lynn surpassed my most ambitious hopes for fun, adventure and intense play.
Beyond her super-model looks and raw sexuality, Ms. Lynnette’ is highly creative, kinky and truly dominant. In session, she artfully blends fun-loving playfulness with a genuine skill to manipulate, control and dominate. Believe her when she warns on her website not to be fooled: “I may look sweet in some of my photos but… I am a fierce Mistress.”
Since our breathtakingly intense and wonderful initial session, I have visited Mistress Lynn on two more occasions during subsequent visits to LA, with another date scheduled for later this month. Familiarity with Ms. Lynnhas led not to complacency or boredom, but rather has opened new and exciting elements of kinky exploration and play. I can’t wait for more.
It’s with great confidence and enthusiasm that I recommend meeting and sessioning with Mistress Lynn. Carefully read her self-description and the kinds of play she enjoys. She does no stretching here, but instead precisely describes her areas of interests and expertise. For compatible submissives – whether a novice player or experienced vet like me, your experience with Domina Lynnette will very likely exceed your highest hopes.
If you think you’ve found what your looking for in Ms. Lynnette, you very likely have. Take the plunge, get in touch and book a session. I promise, you’ll be so glad you did.
-Piggy Face

Posted 1/3/14 

Having had the distinct pleasure of being dominated by Domina Lynnette on several occasions, this review of my experiences is long overdue.  Straight to the point, Lynn is naturally beautiful, ingenious, thoughtful and authentic.  Her interests and expertise cover a broad spectrum of erotic expression, including an approach to female domination that is as unique as it is pleasantly captivating.  The first time I met Lynn in person –after I stopped staring and picked my tongue up off the floor – the desire to submit to her whims was matched only by the hope that I could somehow contribute to the session in a way that would spur her creativity and energy.  Not that she needs the help…
Our sessions have taken place at Dungeon West, which belongs to another gorgeous and highly-regarded Los Angeles Dominatrix, Mistress Justine Cross.  The facility’s cleanliness, comfortable ambiance and abundance of equipment are notable.  My lone complaint is that time seems to go by too fast in this place, yet in no way did I ever feel rushed.  It is simply that Lynn knows how to naturally intoxicate the man who has an appreciation for the undeniable power that a sexy woman possesses.  For those who might hesitate to visit a “dungeon” (I’ll admit this included me), be assured that there is nothing to fear.  Well, nothing except how much that rush of submitting to Domina Lynnette might make you wonder why your entertainment dollars were previously going to such other relatively boring crap.
Take the time to visit Domina Lynnette’s websites and learn her likes and dislikes.  She will take the time to listen carefully to your words and your experience will be best if you reciprocate.  That’s not a limitation because she sure as hell has an open mind.  Be thoughtful and sincere when contacting her and know that you can trust her and you are dealing with a powerful woman who will respect your limits, even if she might challenge you to venture outside your present comfort zone.  I have seen several dominatrices over the years, most of whom I can barely remember.  But I will never forget Lynn and by no means am I done tasting the sweetness of submission to her.
The last time I left a session with Lynn, I walked to my car with a feeling that can only be described as surreal.  I had some remnants of pain that were satisfying, a sense of accomplishment and a triumphant smirk.  The truth is, I didn’t do shit to deserve this afterglow besides what Lynn commanded that I do but the victory was mine, courtesy of Lynn.  She’s smokin’ hot and she’ll kick your butt, yet do it with a cool mind f@ck.  Life is short.  What more do you want?  It probably goes without saying, but in good conscience I heartily recommend Mistress Lynn Pops!!
Pickle Jar Pete

–Originally posted on Maxfisch 7/2013
I hadn’t sessioned in a very long time for a number of reasons but the itch was strong and so when I saw that famous Fetish Domina Lynnette was once again doing sessions, I jumped.
Firstly, Domina Lynnette is a gorgeous, tattooed model of some repute. She was easy to contact and we worked out the details via e-mail. I suggested a role-play and after she reviewed the scenario, eagerly agreed. Because we had never met, she requested a deposit and while I have never done this before, I felt comfortable enough with her reputation to agree.
Domina Lynnette  called me two hours before the session to confirm and we were on our way. The location was the very excellent Dungeon West, owned by Justine Cross and available to indy dommes for rental. It’s a beautiful, discreet place in West L.A., immaculately clean and very well equipped:
I’m not going to go into all of the session details out of respect for Domina Lynnette but suffice to say, she was excellent at fulfilling the entire role play scenario which included verbal humiliation, corporal, and some other unnamed activities.
I heartily recommend her. She is a real Domme, not some cutie fetish model pretending. She knows her way around a dungeon and demonstrated expertise at everything we had discussed. I was in good hands. And did I mention gorgeous?
A good time was had by all and it was a great way to break a long hiatus. The itch still needs to be scratched.